Coaching changed my life and it can change yours too!

First Memory of Coaching

One summer when I was about eight years old I told my dad I wanted to hold my breath underwater longer than all my friends. He asked me a few questions about why I wanted to hold my breath for so long and then said we would work on it over the weekend.

That weekend he took me to the pool and had me hold my breath underwater. It seemed like minutes, but it was only about 20 seconds. My father encouraged me to hold my breath again, but when it seemed I was running out of air to slowly count to 10 before surfacing. I took a deep breath and dropped below the waterline. As I ran out of air I was able to count to 10 before surfacing. I was underwater for about 45 seconds. Next, my dad said, "When you hold your breath this time imagine you are floating in space outside the Space Shuttle (I loved space. I later attended Space Camp and Space Academy). When you feel you are running out of air imagine you are 20 seconds away from the airlock on the Shuttle. Count down from 20 before coming up for air." I took a deep breath and "floated through space" and when I thought I was out of air I was still somehow able to count backwards from 20 before surfacing...over one minute from when I first went under. 

With my father's coaching I was able to go from 20 seconds underwater to over a minute. This is the power of great coaching - learning to use your own abilities to achieve maximum results. 

Over the years, my greatest moments of achievement, purpose, and fulfillment have been spurred on by life coaches. Coaching has been so significant in my life I knew I was being called to become a coach.

As a coach, I'm committed to helping you live well, grow forward, and flourish in life. 

Education / credentials

  • B.S.E - Baylor University

  • Doctorate of Ministry - SMU

  • Trained Personal Development Coach

  • Certified Discipleship Coach

  • Masters of Divinity - SMU

  • Positive Psychology - Univ. North Carolina

  • Certified Two-gether In Texas Coach

  • Certified SYMBIS facilitator.

More about Abe...


Abe grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on beautiful Lake Hamilton. His days were filled with hiking, mountain biking, and just about anything having to do with the lake. After high school, he attended Baylor University where he met his future wife, Amy. Abe and Amy were Young Life leaders, where a wonderful friendship grew into a life-long marriage.

Following college Abe and Amy returned to Hot Spring where Abe served as a youth minister, fire fighter and EMT while Amy taught elementary school. Four years later, they moved to Plano, Texas (near Amy's hometown of Richardson) so Abe could attend Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. In the years to follow, Abe was ordained as a United Methodist minister, Amy opened her own Kumon Center, and the Smith family began to grow.

Abe loves spending time with his family! Abe and Amy have three daughters (Abigail, Anna Beth, Addison), one son (Abram), and a yellow Lab (Ace). That's right, the whole family starts with the letter "A" which fits them perfect since they are committed to sticking together and living life on mission. They actually have a mission statement, and Abe can coach your family on how to make your own. 

Abe believes it's important to continually grow as a person and serve others. He has a growth coach, is an avid reader (Abe's book list), and welcomes constructive criticism. He's also involved in the community as a minister, police chaplain, community leader, and regularly volunteers at local non-profits.