Truthfully, no one needs coaching. Millions of people move through life doing the same things, getting the same results and are content living a "typical" life. The questions is, do you want coaching? Do you want to have someone who believes in you, who will hold you accountable to a bigger vision, who will help you overcome your fears and negative self-talk in order to achieve the things you really, really, really want in life? 

We are confident we can create a life-changing coaching experience for almost anyone; however, due to limited availability we choose to work with those who are:

  • inspiring or have an inspiring mission

  • eager to grow and be transformed

  • ready to work hard and understand the power of commitment

  • fun and inclined to try new things

  • longing to have a deeper impact in the world

If coaching sounds right for you, we look forward to working with you soon!

Some examples of how our coaching has helped improve and transform lives:

  • Guided an entrepreneur to begin a new and thriving business.

  • An employee recognized his value at his company and successfully negotiated a 20% salary increase.

  • A couple looking forward to being married were overwhelmed by their combined six figure debt. We helped them clarify why they wanted to be debt free, create a debt reduction strategy, and held them accountable to their goals. Shortly after their one year anniversary we celebrated with them as the paid off all of their debt.

  • A divorced father improved the communication with his ex-wife, and deepened the relationship with his kids.

  • Man struggling with years of regret and shame and battling alcohol addiction finds a new hope and passion for living. He chooses to get the accountability needed for his life, begins a new business, and is focused on helping others with similar life stories.

  • A business owner developed a plan to take his business to new levels and nearly doubled his business size within 6 months.

  • We have other great stories related to the many different people we have coached. We have worked with police officers, teachers, bankers, firefighters, clergy, non-profits, moms, dads, high schoolers, retirees, staff teams, churches, 100+ pre-marraige couples, and more.